Is English our “international” language?


The idea to make English the second language in the member states of the European Union probably has as many supporters as it has opponents. In this discussion, arguments like considerable savings in translation costs are colliding with inspired pleas for the preservation of national identity….. In this context, I came across a Youtube-movie, in which the following question is raised: If English were to become the international language, how would that particular language sound?

A young guy from England is demonstrating his excellent ear for accents by giving us 24 different ways of speaking English. He apologizes for his choice of words (he likes to swear here and there…), for some of the mistakes he is making, and he stresses that he is not trying to offend anybody. That’s all very correct of course, but above all: It’s brilliant and funny! I actually think this movie was shot in one take, which makes it even more astonishing.

You should definitely try this at home (in your own language, if you like…)!