Business is changing its agenda….


Yesterday, I attended the Capgemini Cloud Computing Conference in Utrecht and I had the opportunity to listen to Andy Mulholland, their Global CTO. His presentation was by far the most visionary of the program and I would like to share some of the remarks that struck me as interesting. Andy set out to explain how business is changing its agenda. The traditional inside-out approach is changing to an outside-in approach: From opportunity to business intelligence and not the other way around.

He further stated that the ability to make money in the cloud is vastly larger than the ability to save money. I liked this statement, because I’ve heard the “cost saving argument” with regard to cloud computing far too often. Or, as he comments in his book Enterprise Cloud Computing: “The WOW about cloud computing isn’t about on-demand information technology….. It’s about on-demand business innovation”. Of course, Andy did not give all the answers in his presentation , but he’s trying to find way to to resolve the true potential of this new means of delivering IT-resources.

The part I especially liked, was when he said that new business is about creating opportunity by supporting the development of people and expertise. Good stuff! I’m definitely going to read his book…..