Cleaning Danish customer data with the CVR registry and DataCleaner, part 1 of 3


Recently the Danish government has initiated a strategy to open up and make freely available basic public master data on a wide range of areas such as company registrations (CVR), social security (CPR), real estate, employment, environment and more. The initiative’s name is “Good basic data for everyone – a driver for growth and effeciency” – read the full report here.

Over the coming years this means that public registries will be made available to the public. Of course privacy laws are still active and the data is exposed in a manner where access is only granted in relationship with specific search criteria. Still, you could say that this is a huge step toward liberalizing and making available public data for everyone.

At Human Inference we recognize the value of good data quality, and we believe that this initiative by the Danish government will do a lot of good for both the public sector and the private sector in Denmark. In the government report, it is estimated that more than 100 million EUR per year in costs will be saved for the private and public sector in Denmark.

The timeline of the initiative spans many years of work, and it will be interesting to see how the end result is shaped. A notion of a central Data Distributor service is included in the plans, which will make data access streamlined and uniform to further improve availability. Personally I think this is a major step forward, and I cannot wait for this plan to be realized.


The first steps have already been taken though! As per the first of January 2013, the price of accessing the CVR (company identification) registry was set to 0 DKR – free for everyone who accepts terms and agreements. CVR, in my opinion, is one of two very central registries when it comes to common data quality issues in Denmark. The other one is the CPR registry for person identification and social security, which according to plans will be opened in 2014 using the new Data Distributor platform.


So how do you start using the CVR data? In the my next blog post (which will appear net Monday) I will give you a tutorial on how to cleanse your company customer data with CVR, using DataCleaner for all the pre- and post-processing needed. So stay tuned for part 2, which will be a real hands-on walkthrough!