How green is your data value?

top101Number 4 in the top 10 list of Gartner’s Strategic Technologies is Green IT. David Cearleys take on this is quite straightforward. On the one hand regulations and more efficient equipment will force or help to reduce unwanted emissions. For our discussions – talking about data value – I see several angles:

  • Having the right contact details will reduce waste of natural resources because we bring the deliveries immediately at the right place, and it’s not only the deliveries that can be optimized, we can also avoid that deliveries get lost and natural resources are actually piped for /dev/null !
  • By valueing our data through deduplication we can in general avoid to spoil needless energy – both by humans and other resources – and use the sparse energy only for those who actually need it. Here I feel the same remark as David in his blog. There comes a moment in the near future, with an rising energy prices and increasing emission penalties, that that aspect will win in the equation from the actual spoil of goods and human energy.
  • Saving resources is now also done by concentrating or centralizing services – optimizing the service per energy unit. For data we see this happening in the Virtualization of data and Master Data Management technologies. Strong place in your centralizing strategy will be the role of your data quality – that will bring your real value

I encourage you all to think out-of-the-box how data-value can help to make it a better world for the future. But I’m afraid that in this economic climate the short term is ruling and not the long(er) term.