WolframAlpha providing statistics about given names

wolframalpha_ramon1A week ago, the new search engine WolframAlpha has been launched. At first it was being compared to the search engine we all know, namely Google. It took bloggers, news editors and the rest of the world some time to understand that this is no search engine at all. WolframAlpha wants to become the Computational Knowledge Engine we all will be using. It is more like the Encarta application we older guys used in times when viewing a movie in poststamp-format used to be fun.

In fact, WolframAlpha has done a wonderful job. Enter any question you like and it will present nice formatted answers, illustrated with diagrams and links to sources for further research. It is interesting to see how several sources are combined and presented very clearly. Continue reading ‘WolframAlpha providing statistics about given names’

Meet Zealand-New


In a recent post in data quality PRO the validation of foreign given names was discussed. After reading the excellent comment of my colleague Michael Grigat, I stumbled across an article in the “Bay of Plenty Times”, a local New Zealand newspaper.

The article described the rather patriotic name choice of a couple with regard to the newest addition to their family. They named their daughter “Zealand-New”.

Zealand-New’s mother Tomicina Davoren, and father Mana Te Moni, said they preferred a name that was different to any that featured in the country’s top baby names for 2008. “I’ve never heard anybody being called that name. You hear New Zealand every day but not as someone’s name.” She said the top names for 2008 may be popular but were “not the greatest”. “They are too plain,” she said.
Zealand-New is Ms Davoren’s and Mr Te Moni’s fourth child. Their other children are named Rlexuz Toara Chantz Te Moni, Mikaere Morgan Te Moni, and Korizma-Lake Vonnita Manaaki Te Moni.

This is what you might call a very substantial illustration of what Michael Grigat said in his post: “We have more than 20 years of experience with international given names and we know that validation of given names is quite a tricky thing.” Indeed we do ……