First Time Right in Action

In previous blogs on the First Time Right (FTR)-principle, we’ve talked about preventing that your data becomes polluted. After reading the white paper on FTR you might want to see some actual examples. Yesterday, I have seen some demo’s and trials from our development group (special thanks to Kasper Sørensen and Ankit Kumar!) that I want to share. Look and play with it and give me feedback how to improve things. The demos are focussed only on guiding the user to provide correct names (so I’m aware that email, telephone, address, etc is not yet incorporated).

The first demo is a mockup for Microsoft CRM. You should go to the name fields (First name and Last name) and see how the entry form is helping you to guide you to correct names. I need to admit that the Microsoft CRM demo works better in Internet Explorer (I wonder why …. ;-).

The second demo shows the key possibilities of HIquality Name Worldwide in a Linkedin mockup.

I am enthusiastic about the ease to integrate the first time right mechanism in a web form (or any application with a web UI). Engineers showed me that it’s quite non-intrusive, they added five lines in the beginning of the page and it is working already.