Data Value?

When I was attending the ECCMA Data Quality Solution Summit in October 2012, I got in an interesting discussion on the quality of a  specific customer data item. The actual point of the discussion was whether an address has quality when you are not aware of what the intended use and value of that particular address was. Intended use? Intended value?  Yes indeed!

As the importance of data quality management is becoming more and more obvious to organizations, the question is no longer “should I manage my data?”, but “how do I manage my data?”. In other words: What is the value of data in the context of the customer’s solution? How is the customer going to use the data? And what is the consequent value of the data for that particalur customer? Is the address mentioned in the discussion above going to be used for a geocoding solution or will it be a delivery address for a postal item?

I think that this is a very interesting way to look at data quality and data management. In his summit presentation, Walid el Abed of Global Data Excellence said that the value of data should be derived from the current or future outcome of the activities accomplished by using the data. In this context, he refers to a paradigm shift from KPI (key performance indicators) driven organizations to KVI (key value indicators) driven organizations.

I like that. At Human Inference we strive to enable organizations to benefit from personal and relevant interactions, based on trustworthy information. It is our “translation of bringing value to the customer’s data.  

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