Your name is too “common”….


A major bank in Dongguan (China) refused a potential customer because his name is Li Jun. Apparently, there were already over 300 bank accounts assigned to the name Li Jun. Not that this particular Li Jun was responsible for opening all these accounts, there were just too many men with exactly the same name. The bank states that the refusal is nothing personal, since nobody with the name Li Jun will be accepted as customer in the near future….. In the meanttime, Li Jun is taking legal action against the bank. Continue reading ‘Your name is too “common”….’

A question of quality?

Yesterday I gave a lecture for management information system (MIS) students. We were looking into definitions of data quality linked to the natural language processing approach of the Human Inference software. As discussions developed, the students could not easily agree on criteria for quality in general. In an exercxise, we talked about “good” and “bad” service. It appeared that, besides differences in taste, good service had a lot to do with expectation and fulfillment of that expectation. Of course, there were also a lot of other “requirements” for good service, but the discussion made me think of a Youtube movie I had recently seen. Seeing this movie made the jump to a solid and generic data quality definition easy: data has quality if it satifies the requirements of its intended use… Enjoy the movie!

Data Quality in Outlook?

HIquality Contact Cleanse

Microsoft Outlook must be the most used CRM application in the world, be it on the desktop or on a smartphone. A common problem with Outlook contacts is that information is often incomplete, incorrect and not formatted correctly. Specifically telephone numbers are often formatted in such a way that it won’t be accepted by your mobile phone.

A new service launched by Human Inferences brings a remedy to this problem. The service called HIquality Contact Cleanse allowes users to simply email a vCard to or transmit the contact from a Windows Smartphone using a downloadable application. The Contact Cleanse service then simply responds by email with the cleansed vCard as an attachment. Give it a try!

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What your data tells you about your processes

Do you know exactly what the data processes in your company look like? Many people have a general overview of the processes. Others have a detailed view of some of these processes. Few people know all data processes in detail.
HI Survey Results

HI Survey Results

Looking at the data can give you deeper insight in your data processes. Not only the processes in theory, but in practice too. How? By focusing on the exceptions! Continue reading ‘What your data tells you about your processes’