Rue sans nom – address certification in France

Despite the increasing use of email in the last decade in contacts between organizations and their relations; organizations still need to manage a huge amount of postal en geographical addresses.

In an era where costs reducing and compliance policies are daily issues it becomes essential for bulk mailers to have their relationship data as clean and accurate as possible.  The use of duplication detection tools in order to avoid pollution is definitely more effective if mailing addresses are correct.

In France, postal addresses must comply with the norm AFNOR XP Z 10-011 which is issued by the Association française de normalisation (AFNOR). This norm describes the rules for writing addresses. In order to get correct addresses the “Service national de l’adresse  (SNA) “  publishes postal reference data. With this data it is possible to validate your own data or to develop address correction and validation tools.

But La Poste/SNA takes this a step further and offers services and advantages to organizations with address data complying with the AFNOR norm. Therefore they have established a certification committee for address software. The realization of the certification is the responsibility of the SNA. Continue reading ‘Rue sans nom – address certification in France’