Data Value: it’s how you approach your customer – search for the ultimate data entry form

The graph on the left has been my eye opener. One of our customers showed me the graph and explained that there has been a significant drop in failures or non-validated entries in their customer portal. The number of wrong entries reduced significantly after they updated the data entry form. The cause for that drop is that they seriously looked at their entry screens. The old screens were very obvious for their own employees, but hardly usable for their – or selections of their – customers. It sounds obvious, there is nothing new in it, but it is still the case in many data entry forms, in a lot of customer entry portals. Continue reading ‘Data Value: it’s how you approach your customer – search for the ultimate data entry form’

Not every Cloud has a silver lining

Cloud Computing or Cloud Services that’s the ultimate dream we have. It doesn’t bother anymore where services are running, we need a handle to it and it can start raining. Pending on which part of the world you live, you like clouds or not. For someone with lastname “van Holland” it’s almost hard to believe that he needs to trust the clouds!

Number 3 on Gartner’s list on Top technology strategies for 2009 is dealing about Cloud Computing. And a more detailed blog with the challenging title “Delivering Cloud Services: ISVs – Change or Die or both!” on that topic can be found on the blog of Daryl Plummer.

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Bashups – mashups for the business


The business needs bashups. Step away from the techy and fancy mashups and mash now the technology and graphics for the business sake. Combining the whole razzmatazz of AJAX, REST and Web2.0, and sometimes completely loose the business.

Of course, it helps that your mashup visualizes your address immediately Google maps, but … did it also check for you if the person you entered above is still living there or if the telephone number is related to the address or even more to the person. We need to look through the eyes of the business to see the actual business step that needs to be executed and see how we can utilize the mashup to retrieve the right customer on the right place on the right time with the correct telephone number in the most effective way. That will help us to be more compelling than our competition.

Data entry and human behaviour

Data Entry

The first television broadcasts were actually radio broadcasts with a person on a screen reading the radio messages. In data entry we still see the same aspects. Did you ever wonder why we still feed a computer system with data as if we were writing an address on an envelope.

In the old days we knew how to contact, or how to write, but we needed additional information for the postman in order to find the person we had in mind. So we started with the smallest granularity, namely John from the Smiths family. Than we specified the street and the house number, the postal code and city ending with the country. And we do know that the order differs per country.

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