The added value of an integrated customer view

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The added value of an integrated customer view depends strongly on the quality of that integrated customer view. Every organization that is seriously planning to create a single customer view should ask itself the following question: “What determines the quality of my customer view and so the accompanying level of added value?”

Prior to answering this question we need to take one step back. Why does not every organization have a single customer view? The cause lies in the fact that many organizations have their customer data spread across multiple systems all facilitating separate business processes. Additionally customer data is often highly polluted, fragmented and incomplete.

So it appears that the data itself plays a crucial role in the lack of an integrated customer view. Or more accurately, the better the data – the better the customer view. And the better the data matching of customer records across separate systems the better the integrated customer view.

So Data Quality and Matching (Identity Resolution) determine in large parts the quality of the integrated customer view and the added value that it delivers. Take a look at this demo showing a step-by-step approach how to build a single customer view and get a better idea of the role of Data Quality and Matching within this process.

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