Single customer view for REAL customer interaction

Having worked in the data and information quality industry for quite some years now, I’ve noticed that our industry feels that there is an urgent need for new acronyms every couple of years. Here’s a small selection: CRM, ERP, BI, SaaS, CDI, MDM, FTR….. Are you still with me? If so, you have probably been in this business for a substantial amount of time as well. As these acronyms mysteriously or automagically gain and loose popularity, I am now convinced that they all, more or less, serve the same purpose: They intend to be the “theoretical foundation” for solution selling.

Organizations spend a lot of time on optimizing their production chain, their invoicing processes and the quality of their customer database(s). For this, all kinds of tools and systems are being used (and the corresponding acronyms become popular…;-) . Some of these tools and systems are really intelligent, but many times the actual purpose of the deployment of these means is lost in the process. We need to really interact with our customers to help them benefit from the solutions we offer! Of course, we will have to make all the necessary information for customer interaction (social media data, invoicing data, transaction history data, etc.) available for everyone involved at all times.

Eventually, we all want to personalize our customer interaction. Make it a human interaction. Build a relationship…… Well, I could go on explaining my views on this subject, but as it happens we have made this one-minute-movie that explains it much better. Check it out. It’s worth it!

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