Marketing? – Let your ingredients interact!


Throughout the years Human Inference has carried out and supported research with regard to the importance, the impact and the perception of customer data quality in business environments. This reasearch shows that the phenomenon customer data quality is subject to a perception shift. In general, one could argue that, in the early years, data quality used to be perceived as “something that is being carried out by the IT-department”, whereas nowadays more and more companies and organizations are recognizing the importance of customer data and information quality. Issues and initiatives such as the value of a single customer view, data integration, fraud prevention, customer relationship management, operational risk management, compliance and anti-terrorism have become boardroom themes.

As a result, high quality customer data has become the prerequisite for successful business decisions. In order to reach the intended data quality level, a lot of money is being invested in solutions for input control, file merging, data enrichment and duplicate identification. But do these investments guarantee more effective marketing campaigns, accurate lead generation, a higher conversion rate and, eventually, better business results?

In my opinion, sound data quality management can be compared with good cooking: It is all about being in control. In cooking, putting the right ingredients together does not necessarily account for an excellent meal. You need to know how and when (timing!) the ingredients “interact” in order to achieve the taste and presentation you are aiming for.

In marketing campaigns, being in control is essential. The “ingredients” of your marketing campaign have to interact. Selection, content, targeting timing, conversion, etc. need to be effectively combined and balanced. Marketing campaigns are more or less the tangible outcome of your investments in customer data improvement. Reaching the people you actually want to reach, not spending unneccesary amounts of money on manual rework and pleasing your customer or prospect with an accurate offer. To see Human Inference’s take on this subject, check out the movie on the HIquality data Improver on our website.

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