Let’s be honest – Solve your data quality before jumping into Pattern-Based Strategy


In the evolution of information technology Gartner provided a new term as ultimate goal to reach: Pattern-Based Strategy.

As you were reaching for the final destination in your ultimate journey to transform bits and bytes to real information, again you encounter a new optimum. Pattern-Based Strategy, as described by Yvonne Genovese et al. can be identified as the last era in all the eras of IT-value add. Basically, the level of control identifies in which of the era you currently operate – from tight control and pure automation in the ‘old’ days via augmentation, e-commerce/Web 1.0 and web 2.0 to the highest era called – Pattern-Based Strategy.

In Pattern-Based strategy you make use of the collective intelligence, not only collect data inside and outside your enterprise from those you know, but pro-actively collect information from the crowd, analyse this information and see if you can recognize the patterns on which you know how to respond. Try to be fast on weak signals so that you are the first in that market.

As in Business Intelligence (where you look in your rear mirror to make decisions for the future) and Business Activity Monitoring, within Pattern-Basted Strategies (where you look around and even let others look around while you make decisions) it only works if you can compare data, if you can make information out of your data. In order to make the right company decisions, to steer well, you need to rely on the information that you use. And although we like the new approach behind Pattern-Based Strategy, we as Human Inference, still see enterprises struggle with their Business Intelligence because of their data quality. We see them starting with Business Activity Monitoring and fail because of their data quality. And now we see them start dreaming of Pattern-Based Strategy. Before you act on that dream, solve the data quality – there are solutions available.

For those who already tried to combine information from social communities, the lack of standards there, prevents that you can easily collect that collective intelligence for your patterns. As Human Inference, we value your data, we identified these issues and provide data quality tools to enrich this collective intelligence in order to transform it to trusted information for your strategy.

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