First Time Right – The customer perspective

One of the first things I will start working on this year is a paper on First Time Right. Naturally, my colleagues and I had discussed the content of such a paper before, but during my Christmas holiday I figured out what the line of thought for the paper should be. Next to the definition and the importance of the priciple and the approach in data quality solutions, I think that First Time Right is definitely about the business value and the advantages for the customers.

Let me give you a short preview:

Customer data plays a crucial role in the value chain of any business infrastructure. Whether purchasing, production, distribution, marketing, sales or service is concerned, the availability and the quality of your customer data is of great importance to these processes. A few examples?

– A customer calls his insurance company in order to find an answer for a question he has on his fire insurance. How fast will the operator in the customer service department find the right customer?

– A large software company is running a report from its CRM-system in order to invite a selection of their international customer to an event they are organizing. How do they know that they are indeed selecting the intended customer? And how do they know they haven’t selected the same customer twice?

– In the self-service portal of a large retailer, customers are allowed to enter and alter personal information. How is the retailer going to prevent data pollution?

I think that organizations need a guiding principle to automatically, quickly and reliably check if the customer data already exists in the database(s). In addition, the data must be validated and, if necessary, corrected, completed and standardized.

This principle is called First Time Right. Concise application of the first time right-principle will always lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, to a boost in productivity and to higher revenue.

I expect to finish the white paper in about two weeks. Any thoughts on this preview? I’ll send out another post when I’m done….

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