Do you really know what your customers are actually buying?


We all would like to answer that question with a straightforward “Yes”. Yet the reality is that more than half of us must either be a liar, or not know the complete truth of their own data.

The new white paper “Do you really know what your customers are actually buying? – Data Quality and Business Intelligence” asks you that very same question-and then provides you with the means to answer with a full and truthfull “Yes”. The paper covers the problems managers/organizations might run into when working with Management Reports. The integration of many different data sources into an Enterprise Datawarehouse can cause problems that easily go unnoticed. Your data seem to be merged successfully with the ETL toolset combining different definitions for each dimension and relevant hierarchy. In other words: you think you know what you’re selling to whom, but in fact you’re dealing with a lot of undetected duplicates that mess up your Management Reports. Incorporating a Data Quality Firewall within your Datawarehouse will help you solve these problems – you can rely on your reports again.

The paper shows us the Before and After Data Quality Firewall situation. The After Data Quality Firewall situation leads to Management Reports that give true insight in the sales of an organization. The answer is the creation of the Golden Record. Being able to trust their data, your co-workers are happy and productive . But more importantly, based on your Golden Record you can now make adequate decisions for your business.

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