Ask Me is linked with Any Body and relates with Walther Von Stolzing

Weird subject, isn’t it? Quite obvious for everybody, the persons ‘Ask Me’ and ‘Any Body’ are artificial names. They will never belong to a real person. How they relate to ‘Walter von Stolzing’ will follow.

For over 25 years Human Inference has collected reference data, for instance on persons. Because of our reference set we immediately recognize that ‘Ask Me’ and ‘Any Body’ are fake names. People are using these either in test situations or to hide their actual names.

In the old days we only needed to test on ‘Test Test’, in more recent years we see great inventiveness on these fake names. A brief example can be seen in the following list.

Alpha Beta Any Body
Ask Me Best Friend
Blue Sky Cool Dude
Dress Code El Comandante
Guess Who In Cognito

In case you cannot rely on reference data and interpretation you need to provide a check list. Providing it is one thing, but since users tend to be really creative, maintaining it is essential.

In these 25 years we identified a move from ‘real fake names’ towards ‘real names used in a fake way’. In the USA, for example, we identified popular Hollywood names and names of politicians being used as fake names. Currently the usage of the name ‘George Bush’ is decreasing, whereas ‘Barack Obama’ is increasingly used. We recognize the false usage of these names because of the change in frequency figures of the given name and family name as well as the usage of the combination itself. Remarkable is that ‘Abraham Lincoln’ and ‘George Washington’ are quite steady.

Back to ‘Walter von Stolzing’. By now you might have guessed what is happening here. We recognized that in German speaking areas this name is also passing our threshold on validity. By googling the name you can see that Walter is actually a character in Wagner’s opera ‘Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg’ back from 1868!

Let’s see if in 100 years time people are still using ‘Darth Vader’, ‘Lord Rings’ or ‘Snoop Dogg’!

All the names used in this blog are ‘real’ names coming from a popular social media site. Please check our data cleansing products in case you need cleansing solutions.


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