The value of Christmas cards

christmas tree

Every year when autumn comes the assistants of the sales department get a little nervous. They know what will happen in short term. It’s almost Christmas and the selections of contacts to receive a Christmas card have to be made.

Every year it’s the same. First the selections for every account manager are made and they will have to check manually if these are correct. This year will be the same as ever, which means that:

  • relevant companies and contacts are missing
  • new companies and contact persons will be added
  • contact persons will be deleted
  • contact persons will be transferred to their new company
  • addresses appear to be not up-to-date Continue reading ‘The value of Christmas cards’

Mandatory name-number-check at money transfer?


Through the increase of modern technologies our payments are processed electronically more and more. Banks try to reduce costs and force their customers to carry out the payments themselves. Internet banking has become the standard. Customers no longer can deliver written transfer orders at their bank, but have to book the transfers using internet banking facilities.People can easily make a typing error in the account number that still will result in an existing account number. The risks are fully on the customer’s side. Although banks always are willing to help them to get the money returned, it’s better to avoid these errors.

In my opinion, banks should be obliged to perform a name-number-check for every payment or at least for every larger amount. Continue reading ‘Mandatory name-number-check at money transfer?’

What’s the value of prospect data or ex-customer’s data?


Organisations often collect or buy prospect data to use for campaigns.
In most cases these prospects are stored in the CRM system and only the indicator “Prospect” distinguishes them from customers.
The same occurs with ex-customers who will remain in the CRM system although there is no contact anymore.
Prospects and ex-customers both have the same problem that their data is hardly maintained. Due to job changes the data usually already gets outdated after a year. Continue reading ‘What’s the value of prospect data or ex-customer’s data?’

What’s the value of unique identifiers

In a survey by Human Inference processes were discovered to be the most challenging data quality aspect.

HI Survey Results
HI Survey Results

Since in processes often unique identifiers are used to identify customers, accounts or data in general the reliability of these identifiers influence the quality of your process. To avoid incorrect results and decisions a check of the data related to the identifiers is required. The illegal use of such an identifier leads to polluted data. A name-number-check should be implemented for e.g.:

  • bank account numbers
  • social security numbers
  • chamber of commerce numbers