ING: Customer Information is Power


ING is looking to make more use of its customer data for behavioural targeting. The financial services company has seen a five-fold in customer contacts in the past few years (think of Internet banking). They also have a lot of information on each customer through they payment transactions they do. If the customer would allow ING to use this information the bank could analyst the energy, phone and other bill and deliver specific offers together with other companies.

The ING PR department rushed to tone-down the debate by saying that this is only a possible scenario. A flood of data privacy concerns would be connected to initiatives like these.

The ING idea is thought provoking. How much does you bank know about your and the companies you do business with? How would they be able to use this and could it be of benefit to you?

Data Quality in Outlook?

HIquality Contact Cleanse

Microsoft Outlook must be the most used CRM application in the world, be it on the desktop or on a smartphone. A common problem with Outlook contacts is that information is often incomplete, incorrect and not formatted correctly. Specifically telephone numbers are often formatted in such a way that it won’t be accepted by your mobile phone.

A new service launched by Human Inferences brings a remedy to this problem. The service called HIquality Contact Cleanse allowes users to simply email a vCard to or transmit the contact from a Windows Smartphone using a downloadable application. The Contact Cleanse service then simply responds by email with the cleansed vCard as an attachment. Give it a try!

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Rapid Addressing

Capturing correct address details through a telephone contact center, web form or CRM application is not always easy. In most countries of Europe the postcode contains comprehensive reference to address information and allows for rapid address entry by simply keying in the postcode and house number. This method ensures uniform collection of street names, often a source of erroneous data, and saves many keystrokes in entering the data.

Try the widget below which works with Dutch postcode and house number data. A simple input of two fields returns full address details including geocoding with map reference. If you are not familiar with the dutch postcode structure try with the following data: 6812 AR / 310.

Address Validation Widget

  Postal Code 

  House Number 

What’s in a name

Name tags

First names can tell a lot about a person, a top 5 of remarkable facts.

  1. Boy names have pretty much stayed the same in the last 100 years whilst there are more and more girl names. We are much more tolerant to ‘funny’ girl names. This is because we unconsciously imagine a more professional career for our boys.
  2. Trendy names are per definition time bound. Therefore people can guess the age quite precisely. Take Martin, he is likely 35-40.
  3. In England people with traditional names with a royal association are regarded as more successful and intelligent. James and Elizabeth are on the top of the list of ‘successfull’ names.
  4. People in lower social classes choose more often for exotic, unknown names and are inspired by soaps and pop-stars. Higher social classes are more attracted to traditional names.
  5. The first name is a strong indicator if you read a paper or have a mobile phone. Believe it or not, dutch publisher Wegener connects first name to consumer information and hopes to get more grip on the target group for their sales. According to the publisher a couple that calls their child Emiel are likely to have a newspaper subscription and Laura’s parents participate in a lottery.

Go green with CDI

Green Globe

How much paper was used to deliver three copies of your glossy brochure in the same household? Every tried to estimate the impact on our environment of all the undeliverable direct mailers? How much fuel consumption can be reduced when orders delivery can effectely be grouped together by geographic location?

Being more environmentally friendly is going to be a huge topic in the next few years. Effective data quality and customer data integration can go a long way into making a difference. A totally business to how we look at investing in these areas at this moment.